Adipex-P Tablets

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Adipex-P Tablets in Pakistan

Adipex-P Tablets in Pakistan (Phentermine) is Used With a Doctor-Approved Exercise, Behavior Change, and Reduced-calorie Diet Program to Help You Lose Weight. It is Use by Certain Overweight People, Such as Those Who Are Obese or Have Weight-related Medical Problems. Losing Weight and Keeping It Off Can Lessen the Many Health Risks That Come With Obesity, Including Heart Disease, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and a Shorter Life. It is Not Known How This Medication Helps People to Lose Weight. It May Work by Decreasing Your Appetite, Increasing the Amount of Energy Used by Your Body, or by Affecting Certain Parts of the Brain. This Medication is an Appetite Suppressant and Belongs to a Class of Drugs Called Sympathomimetic Amines.

Adipex-P Tablets Benefits:

First, Dry Your Hands Before Handling the Tablet. Place Your Dose on Top of the Tongue Until It Dissolves, Then Swallow It With or Without Water. The Dosage and Length of Treatment Are Based on Your Medical Condition and Response to Treatment.

Your Doctor Will Adjust the Dose to Find the Best Dose for You. Discuss the Risks and Benefits, and the Length of Phentermine Treatment, With Your Doctor. To Get the Most Benefit, Take This Medication Regularly, Exactly as Prescribed, and for as Long as Directed by Your Doctor. To Help You Remember, Take It at the Same Time(S) Each Day.

How to Use Adipex-P Tablets?

Adipex-P Tablets – Take This Medication by Mouth as Directed by Your Doctor, Usually Once a Day, 1 Hour Before Breakfast or 1 to 2 Hours After Breakfast. If Needed, Your Doctor May Adjust Your Dose to Take a Small Dose Up to 3 Times a Day. Carefully Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions. Taking This Medication Late in the Day May Cause Trouble Sleeping (Insomnia).

If You Are Using Sustain-Release Capsules, the Dose is Usually Takens Once a Day Before Breakfast or at Least 10 to 14 Hours Before Bedtime. Swallow the Medication Whole. Do Not Crush or Chew Sustained-release Capsules. Doing So Can Release All of the Drug at Once, Increasing the Risk of Side Effects.

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