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DXN Spirulina 120 Tablets

Available Packaging Size :

Packaging Size: 120 Tablets x 250mg / = Rs. 2730 
Packaging Size: 500 Tablets x 250mg / = RS. 9590


Spirulina Platensis, Talc, Calcium Carbonate, Acacia

Recommended Consumption:

6 Tablets Per Day

Benefits Of Spirulina: Nutritional Value 1gm Spirulina

Stimulates Immune System To Destroy Invading Disease Organisms And Carcinogens.
Potentiates The Immune System With Its Anti-tumor, Anti-viral And Interferon Inducing Effects.
Helps To Sanitize The Bowel By Detoxifying The Colon And Promoting The Growth Of Friendly Bacteria.
Promotes Tissue Repair In Wounds And Burns And Has Anti-infectious Properties.
Decreases Cholesterol Levels And Helps To Lower The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease.
Works As An Anti-inflammatory, Helping To Reduce The Inflammation Characteristic Of Arthritis.
Provides Superior Nutritional Support As One Of Nature’s Whole Foods For Anyone Who Is Weakened By Disease, Alcohol Or Drug Abuse.
Helps To Balance Rna/dna (Nucleic Acids) Curbs The Appetite And Helps To Stimulate The Metabolism.
Works Like An Antioxidant In Detoxifying The Body Of Pollutants.
Cleansing: Spirulina Promotes The Body’s Natural Cleansing Processes. You Feel Fitter, More Cheerful, And You Have More Energy.
Restoring: Spirulina Compensates For Deficiencies In The Diet And Stimulates The Metabolism. Your Physical Condition Improves Noticeably And You Recover Faster After Exertion.
Fortifying: Spirulina Boosts Resistance And Activates The Body’s Natural Defence Mechanisms. You Feel Stronger And Are Better Able To Cope With The Pressures Of Everyday Life.it Gives More Energy To Every Living Creature And Is Said To Be A Cure To Allergies, Visual Problems, Carbohydrate Disorders, Anemia And Many Other Disease Conditions.superfood’ Is An Apt Term Since It Has Five Times More Calcium Than Milk, Three Times More Protein Than Meat, Fish Or Poultry, 50 Times More Iron Than Spinach And Has No Cholesterol. It Also Contains Natural Substances That Act As A Hunger Suppressant.

<3> Health Benefits Of Spirulina

Here Are The Major Health Benefits Of Dxn Spirulina To Our Body Based On Findings From The Clinical Research By Various Medical Scientists Around The World. 
Strengthens Body Immune System.
Pycocyanin And Chorophyll Are Phytonutrients Not Readily Available In Other Food. These Two Are Gratly Responsible In Strengthning The Immune System By Accerating Our Body's Production Of Antibodies And Cytokines For Better Protection Against Bacterial And Infectious Agents.
Better Digestion And Absorption.
There Is One Microorganism In Human Intestine Called Lactobacillus, Which Helps In Digestion And Absorption Of Food, Prevent Infection And Activate The Immunity. With Its Enormous Benefits, Spirulina Has Become A Great Hit To Take Lactobacillus As Food Supplement. Dxn Spirulina Can Activate Lactobacillus In Intestine And Help Improve Absorption Of Vitamin B2. Taking Spirulina Is Useful To Increase Lactobacillus In Intestine And Absorption Of Vitamin B1 And Other Vitamins.
Defense Against Infection.
Spirulina Suppresses Bacteria Like E-coli, And Stimulates Beneficial Flora To Assure Protection Against Infection And Maximum Nutrition From Food That Is Eaten. 
Protection From Radiation.
High Organic Ccontent Of Spirulina Helps Counter The Effects Of Radiation. 
Boots Energy.
Dxn Spirulina Helps Increases Energy And Alertness. It Is A Highly Digestible Food Supplement Thus Transformation Of Nutrients To Energy Is Faster Than Any Other Product In Market.
Reduces Cholestrol, Heart Diseases & Cancer Risks.
Department Of Internal Medicine Of Tokal University In Japan Noted In 1988 That "Spirulina Is Capable Of Lowering Serum Cholestrol And Is Reduce The Risks Of Heart Diseases". Us National Research Council Reported In 1982 That "Eating Food Rich In Beta-carotene Reduces The Risks Of All Kinds Of Cancer". Beta-carotene Which Has Been Studied And Reported To Prevent The Formation Of Oxidation Of Low-density Lipoprotein (Ldl) Cholestrol Or "Bad Cholestrol" And Prevent Cancer Activites, Is Highly Present In Spirulina.
Helps Weight Loss. 
Satisfying Our Appetite With Spirulina, When Taken Before Meals Dxn Spirulina For Weight Loss, It Is Said To Be An Effective Way To Loss Weight. It Is Rich In Proteins, B-vitamins, Minerals, Gamma Linelonic Acid (Gla), And Other Micro-nutrients. Also, The Amino Acid Phenylalanine Found In Spirulina Affects The Appetite Center Of The Brain, Which Then Suppresses One's Appetite. Gla Is An Essential Fatty Acid That Also Helps Reduce Cholestrol Levels And At The Same Time Decreases The Risk Of Hypertension.

Item Specifics :

Formulation : Tablet

Brand: Dxn

Expiration Date : + 2 Years

Active Ingredients: Spirulina

Contains 2: Spirulina Platensis, Talc, Calcium Carbonate, Acacia

Country/Region Of Manufacture : Malaysia

Food Specifications: Halal

Total: 120 Tablets x 250mg


The Above Mentioned Products Are Herbal Food Supplements Designed To Assist In The Maintenance Of General Well- Being Through Regular Use. The Information Have Not Been Evaluated By The Food And Drug Administration. These Product Are Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure, Or Prevent Any Disease. Dxn Does Not Condone Or Advocate Self-diagnosis Or Self-medication In Any Way. If You Have A Condition Which Requires Medical Diagnosis And Treatment, It Is Important That You Visit Your Healthcare Professional.

DXN Spirulina Packaging Size: 120 Tablets x 250mg / Price in Pakistan is Rs : 2,730.00 /-PKR


Faisal Nov-22-2022

I feel good and more energitic. I think is the combination of the spirulina, I lower the intake of sugar and increase my espiritual habits and faith in GOD.

Amazing Product Nov-22-2022