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Soy Power Capsule in Pakistan

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Buy Soy Power Capsule in Pakistan At Starting Price Of Rs 3795 PKR - Available In Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Bahawalpur, Peshawar ,Multan, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Faisalabad, Quetta And All Other Major Cities Of Pakistan.

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Green World Soy Power Capsule Contains Soy Isoflanones Extracted From Fresh Soybeans. It Regulates The Estrogen Levels In Two Ways. When Ovary Dysfunction Occurs, It Works As Estrogenic Promoter. In The Case Of High Level Of Estrogen Caused By Hormonal Imbalance, It Demonstrates Anti-estrogenic Effects By Binding To Estrogen Receptors And Mimics The Effects Of Estrogen In Some Tissues. So This Product Can Reduce The Risk Of Hormone-associated Disorders Like Breast Hyperplasia And Fibroid. Enriched With Ganoderma Powder, Green World Soy Power Capsule Is Beneficial For Lack Of Energy, Memory Loss, Mood Swings, Sweating, Osteoporosis, Low Libido In Women. In Terms Of Menopausal Women, It Can Relieve The Symptoms, Maintain The Vitality And Delay Aging.

How To Use Soy Power Capsule ?

• For Women With Insomnia, Dreaminess, And Mood Swings.
• For Women With Decreased Estrogen And Those In Peri- Or Post Menopause.
• For Preventing Infertility, Breast Hyperplasia, Breast Cancer Or Osteoporosis.
• For Women Who Want To Improve Their Skin Condition Or Quality Of Sexual Life.
• 1-2 Capsules Each Time, 1-2 Times In A Day.


Semem Glycine, Radix Paeoniae Alba Extractum, Ganoderma, Soy Isoflavones

Characteristics And Benefits:

• Prevents The Decline Of Ovary’s Function.
• Reduces The Loss Of Bone Density; Prevent Osteoporosis, Especially During And After Menopause.
• Prevents Breast Cancer.
• Prevents Arteriosclerosis And Cardiovascular Diseases; • Improves Mental Activities; Strengthens Memory And Prevents Dementia.
• Retards Aging; Nourishes Skin And Makes Skin Smooth, Soft And Elastic.

Suitable For:

• Females With Pre-menstruate Tension.
• Females With Post Menopausal Syndrome.
• Females With Unbalanced Female Hormones, Especially Declined Estrogens.
• Females With Lower Bone Density Or Osteoporosis.
• Females With Infertility Caused By Low Estrogen Level.
• Females With Poor-quality Sleep, Insomnia Or Anxiety.
• Females Who Intend To Improve Their Sexuality

Key Knowledge:

Estrogenic And Anti-estrogenic Activities
Soy Isoflavones Are Known To Have Weak Estrogenic Or Hormone-like Activity. Estrogens Are Signaling Molecules That Exert Their Effects By Binding To Estrogen Receptors Within Cells (Chemical Structures Of Endogenous Estrogens).
The Estrogen-receptor Complex Interacts With Dna To Change The Expression Of Estrogen-reponsive Genes. Estrogen Receptors Are Present In Numerous Tissues Other Than Those Associated With Reproduction, Including Bone, Liver, Heart, And Brain. Soy Isoflavones And Other Phytoestrogens Can Bind To Estrogen Receptors, Mimicking The Effects Of Estrogen In Some Tissues And Blocking The Effects Of Estrogen In Others. Scientists Are Intrested In The Tissue-selective Activities Of Phytoestrogens Because Anti-estrogenic Effects In Reproductive Tissue Could Help Reduce The Risk Of Hormone-associated Cancers (Breast, Uterine, And Prostate), While Estrogenic Effects In Other Tissues Could Help Maintain Bone Density And Improve Blood Lipid Profiles (Cholesterol Levels).
Soy Isoflavones Have Antioxidant Properties Which Protect The Cardiovascular System From Oxidation Of Ldl (The Bad) Cholesterol. Oxidized Ldl Cholesterol Accumulates In The Arteries As Patches Of Fatty Buildup Which Blocks The Flow Of Blood, Resulting In Atherosclerosis. Soy Power Capsule Inhibits The Growth Of Cells That Form This Artery Clogging Plaque. Arteries Damaged By Atherosclerosis Usually Form Blood Clots. This Can Lead To A Heart Attack If The Clot Goes To The Heart, Or A Stroke If It Goes To The Brain.
Prevent Breast Cancer
Being A Weak Form Of Estrogen, Isoflavones Can Compete At Estrogen Receptor Sites, Blocking The Stronger Version Naturally Produced By The Body From Exerting Its Full Effect. Since High Blood Levels Of Estrogen Are An Established Risk Factor For Breast Cancer; Weaker Forms Estrogen May Provide Protection Against This Disease. In Combination With Ganoderma And Other Herbs Soy Power Capsule Can Prevent Estrogen Sensitive Cancer Such As Breast Cancer.
Strengthens Bones
Soy Power Capsule Also Plays An Important Role In Protecting And Maintaining Strong And Healthy Bones. It Can Increase Bone Mineral Content And Bone Density, As Well As Stimulate Bone Formation. Thus Soy Power Capsule Helps Prevent And Improve Osteoporosis.

Green World Soy Power Capsule Price in Pakistan is 3,795/PKR

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